The Home Barista – My Coffee Machine Review

As you know, I’ve spent a stupid amount of money on coffee over the years,  whether that’s been at work, out with friends, or even, now, on the morning commute to work. It’s become an obsession, no, worse, it’s an addiction.

We all know that drugs in general tend to be addictive, and we also accept that caffeine is a drug, yet no-one really looks at you drinking coffee in a disapproving manner. It’s one of those many quirks of society that has let coffee consumption integrate itself into modern society in a way that’s as normal as walking with a friend in the park.

So, I’ve already promised that I’m going to share with you my mission to reduce the amount I spend (waste) on drive through coffee fixes, and that can start nowhere better than a Melitta Caffeo Barista TSP review, which happens to be the very machine I now have proudly sitting in my kitchen.

cupofcoffeeandchocolateIt wasn’t cheap, far from it, so how exactly is spending hundreds of pounds (well, nearly a thousand if I’m honest), going to help me to save money? Well, quite simply, we’re playing the long game. As I said before, I’ve been frequenting the local Starbucks on the way to work in the morning, spending between three and five pounds depending on what my coffee choice is for the day, usually a large latte often accompanied by a pastry of some sort. Hardly a healthy start to the day, I know.

There’s the big clue about how the savings are going to stack up. It’s actually quite shocking that I drive to work 20 times every month, and unless I’m running very late, I stop on the way. That means there’s a cost of up to £100 every month coming out of my pay packet just to satisfy the caffeine craving before I’m even at my desk. That doesn’t even consider the weekend buys with friends, supermarket run refreshments and so on – it could easily add another 50% to the total.

So, at £150 per month, my coffee machine pays for itself in half a year, hardly a long term investment. What’s more, I can leave a little later in the morning and get a bit more time in bed before the alarm goes off. Those clever machines in the bean to cup website’s top ten best models will even make your coffee for you when you’re in the shower!

Cost savings aside, you can pick up coffee beans really cheap at Amazon, and I’m now able to enjoy Starbucks quality coffee at home at a fraction of the cost, so not only am I better off, I’m also enjoying more ‘me time’ at home too!